Masked Nude Guy #1 issue 2015


Masked Nude Guy #2 issue 2015


Masked Nude Guy #3 issue 2015




Nude Guy #1 – Fawks


Nude Guy #2 – Atlas


Nude Guy #3 – Thibault…


In honor of 2015…

It’s been a great eight years and with 2015 approaching we thought it would be nice to celebrate some of our favorite Nude Guys. Here is a selection for all of you Handbook Men to enjoy. Thanks for the continued support…Enjoy!!!Harvey100 miguel10 2 pg19 2 copy shomari46 Gabriel29 tyler12 DrewB34 DylanHB47 AchillesHB39 AchillesHB27 Natan37 WillB26 jaiar36 DREW32 dwayne23 Chris15 keith22 leo46Nico29 steve053 joeyd23 lucas32 gianni26

Here’s an update regarding the infamous Masked issue…

Were closing in on the next Masked issue to be released Halloween eve! Sexy spooky is the usual formula for this favorite. Here are just two of the three Masked Nude Guys in this issue. Theres lots of scruff in this one. Shooting third Nude Guy this weekend. Update soon…

It’s time for the introductions….

The three following Nude Guys will be featured in the very soon to be released Volume 03 / issue 08. The issue is going to be available here July 29th so get your butt back here and place that order. Just a reminder guys that Handbook is only available as a pdf file so you can take it with you anywhere. handy huh?  no pun intended…as always enjoy!