Issue 01 / Volume 08 2014 issue update…

Attention handbook men…the next issue (issue 01/volume 08, 2014) is almost wrapped up. Just wanted to remind all of you that for 2014 Handbook will only be available as a .PDF file and we have changed the content of the next four issues. We are focusing only on the male nude. I think we can all appreciate the male form so what the hell. It’s all about the beefcake this year! update soon!
For now enjoy these preview images of the upcoming Nude Guys (Max, Alec and Anonymous)!

The masked issue #6 cover!

Here it is boys! The cover of the upcoming Masked issue 2013. This issue will be available here October 26th so please come on back and be the first to order your copy. Its been a long, good ride but it’s time for a change. This issue will be the last printed issue of Handbook and as of 2014 Handbook will only be available in a digital form.  Please be patient with us while we make this transition. We are going to do our best to make sure that a few of the past issues will be recreated as well for those of you who missed out on the printed versions. We are  definitely going to reproduce the very first issue of Handbook from 2007. Also, there will be a few other surprises along the way and we will announce those as they come. There are still plenty of back issues here if you need to add them to your collection. For now, enjoy this new cover and we will post once the issue is ready to order. Thanks!

Issue 03 / Volume 07 2013 is now available!


Let me first start by saying that sometime things can simply happen in an organic way. There wasn’t a plan for this issue in terms of our nude guys but for some reason these guys ended up having a few things in common. We gathered together three super hot bearded, bald, jock strap wearing guys to grace the pages of this issue! Now even though they do have these three similarities, they are all quite different in their own special ways. We are also very excited for you find out about our interview subject and founder of, Mike Enders. He’s sexy, smart and has more than one iron in the queer fire.


Get your issue today! Those of you who still have subscriptions, your issues will arrive in 7-10 days so be on the look out for its arrival. Thanks to all of you dedicated fans for the support!


July issue coming very soon…

The next issue is now at press. We should have it in our hands and ready to order by July 15th. The three nude guys are all bearded, bald and sexy. Even though they have those three characteristics in common, they are all very different . You be the judge. Check out the three following preview images… enjoy!

Issue 02 / Volume 07 2013 is now available to order!

Come one, come all…time to order the latest issue. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. Again, past subscribers, your copies will be shipped today. Once again, we here at Handbook thank you for all the support! Enjoy!

Issue 02 / Volume 07 2013!!!

Hello Boys…it’s finally ready for your viewing pleasure! Sorry for the delay on this one but as you know, in life and in printing things can happen. Anyway,

Here it is. The cover for issue 02/volume 07 2013. Cover guy Cory shows us how a nasty innocence can be a winning combination. Heathcliff and Paul round out the other two sexy nude guys. The interview subject is the handsome and uber hung German stud Tim Kramer, founder and star of This issue will be available for ordering this Friday right here!

And past subscribers, your orders will be shipped this Saturday 4/20.
Apologies for the delay again in this one and keep showing us your support. We appreciate it!


Issue 02 / Volume 07 2013 Nude Guys..

All three Nude Guys are shot  (Cory, Heathcliff and Paul) and images selected. Here is a preview of all three. All guys are from San Francisco. As usual, we try to select a variety of men for every taste, and I think with this one we nailed it! Content information and release date to be announced. This issue goes to press today!!

Issue 02/Volume 07 2013 update..

We would like to apologize for the delay in our up dates for the upcoming April issue. Things have been a bit crazy and it took some time to get all three nude guys shot. The good news is that all three nude guys have now been shot. Our last model shot, Cody, will be our cover guy. More news about him to come. We will be posting some preview images of all three nude guys soon. The release date for this issue should be April 20th and we will keep you posted regarding that date.

Check back soon…

Issue 01/Volume 07 2013!!!!


It’s here! Time to grab your copy of the new issue of Handbook. In this issue you will find…the Amos Mac interview. This talented and charming man, who is the creator of the widely popular trans male zine Original Plumbing is bound for greatness. Our f-ri-ction section, “chicken or beef’,” is full of dirty morsels sure to kep that mouth watering. Assimilation Is Not Liberation-Whats happening to our community neighborhoods? Are we losing our “culture?” And the Accidental Sadist…one mans brief stint as a domanatrix,,,hot wax anyone!?


Oh and, yes, handbook dick! order yours today!!!

Issue 01 / Volume 07 2013 issue update..

Will be picking up the new issue from press next Saturday Jan 12th. All subscribers issues will be mailed that day as well as stockist copies. Cover image soon!