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This hot piece of ass is one of our favorite interview subjects. He is an artist, New York “it” boy and all around good guy. His interview was featured in the Issue 04/Volume 03 masked issue #2.   Here’s how it went down. (photo of Scooter courtesy of Christopher Stribley)


Your name sounds like a 1960’s aristocrat who became a war hero. I love it. Is it a well thought out alias or your birth name?
wow that sounds really glamorous.. but I got my name working at a 7-11 years and years ago, in San Pedro California (like the madonna song) I gave myself that name while working at 7-11 cause there was this guy while I was in college that was soooo hot. His name was scooter and I either wanted him or wanted to be him! I cant remember it was sooo long ago!  All I remember is that he worked in a nearby yogurt shop and he was super sexy. I also probably used to scoot when I was a baby, much in the same way a dog does when he has worms.

Were you born into an artistic and creative family or did all your talent develop on it’s own?
My mother is a folk singer and my father painted landscapes and dried gords.  Gords are dried squash, oh and he also designed and built an adobe house in the desert in arizona.

Why the move from San Francisco to New York?
I dont know really, I just remember waking up one day in SF and thinking …. I am moving to NYC, and the next month I came here…  I did a lot of cocaine and drinking in sf so I think I needed a break and I wanted to become a recluse where no one knew me.  Now I am just a weird man here in the city trying to find his way like everyone else here… its is like we live in one big house here it is so cramped and all manhattanites are roommates, it is kind of fun really.

I fell in love with your painting  of the guy sitting on the ground performing auto fellatio under a barbwire fence  titled “Autohulk”. Is this a self portrait or was it inspired by a boyfriend or perhaps a  hot trick?
that is a boyfriend I met the month I moved here back in 2001… I love him to death, he is the sweetest kindest gentle man, and talented

I would describe your painting style as childlike finger painting for twisted adults with a big dose of what the fuck. How would you describe  it?
I would describe it as 20 fucking years of experience of painting… painting is like a relationship, it is slow, you have go be gentle and sometimes you have to be rough, you have to know when to hold her and know when to fold her, know when to walk away and know when to run.

You also create humorously crude and  edgy art for a line of tshirts worn by some pretty recognizable faces. Such as Iggy Pop, Sandra Bernhard and Perez Hilton. Were the tshirt designs something you came up with or were you approached by someone to a series of illustrations for them?
I came up with all the designs my self…except for “i take lithium” my best friend R.B. who is on Lithium designed that one… I have to give him credit for that one.

Where do you find inspiration for your work? People, places, food maybe?
Sparkles in the sidewalk, donkeys, trash, back alleys, kittens, the 1940s 1950s, and 1970s.  I have really been loving monsters lately they are sexy and ugly.

Does pornography inspire you in any way?
Yes and I just to beat off some porn last night, and onetime I beat off to this porn where this really ugly monster that was all slimy fucked this hot girl. I cant get that scene out of my head.
What sort of things turn you on visually? I love animals, and I love skinny guys and chubby  guys and skinny girls and chubby girl.  I love really expensive thing that look cheap and really cheap things that look expensive.  and donkeys too.

Your tshirt line is being sold at Patricia Field in New York and at your site. Are there any other locations one could purchase them?
i sell them at this truly amazing store in the lower east side called LIVE FAST.  Cece is the owner and she is crazy as fuck, and I love her to death, there is nothing in the world I would not do for her.  She represents a select group of artist to show in her boutique.  look her up when you come to nyc.. you will fall in love with her.  also on my website as well… go to
live fast , 57 clinton street New York

I’ve discovered that you have a pretty large following. Would you consider yourself somewhat of a celebrity or does that sort of thing not interest you?
I dont consider my self a celebrity at all.  I spend soooo much time alone and I dont really go out to clubs any more.  I do spend lots of time contacting people and chatting with people online and meeting other artists and people who love and appreciate art.  I am a middle child so I have the Jan Brady complex and I NEED a lot of attention… I just want to be loved is all… I was ignored as a kid and I was a total weirdo as a kid to.  I was shunned for being weird my family and friends.  So now as an adult I can do whatever the fuck I want and on one can stop me, cause I pay my own bills.

What is your creative process? How long does it take you to begin and complete one of you paintings? Months? Years?
It takes me usually a month to do a nice sized painting… I start out with a tiny idea in my tiny little brain and then I start to to tiny little sketches and then do tons of research and take tons of pics usually of my friends or friends animals to get the right positions of how I want to paint the person or animals in my paintings… I occasionally go to night clubs with my camera and hit the streets with my camera and ask alot of strangers if I may take their pics.. and then they become the subject matter in the painting. Some paintings have taken just over a year to complete… and I use a special blue hue I use several of my paintings,  a special color that took me seven and a half years to perfect, I am still working on it, it is a mixture of yellows and greens and some other secret ingredients that I  can not share at this time.

Your t-shirts were also seen (for those who like some day time drama) on the long running, but no longer on the air soap opera The Guiding Light. How did that come about?
Yeah, the character Daisy, wore my tees consistently for the past three years, I think this is pretty fucking cool!!!!  My childhood friend Shawn Reeves was the costume director.  We went to junior high and high school together in a tiny itty bitty town … Las Curces, New Mexico.  We were in the drama club together as well.

Would you say you spend more time masturbating or painting?
Painting… I paint for several hours daily, and I pull on my pud in the morning.  I used to pull my pud for 48 hours straight and get on the phone sex lines and watch the most tired pornos over and over and over and over again when I was snorting speed… but those day are LONG GONE for me.

Have you ever used paint as lube? Details please if the answer is yes!
Well this is really embarrassing and you cant tell anyone.  When I was living in San Francisco, I was hard up for money and I went to this guys house, who put an ad in the paper for “models/actors”.  I went over there and he was filming these soft core porns that actually sold at book stores like borders books and barnes and noble.  Anyway, we came up with this idea that I would lather paint all over my body.  The paint consisted of baby oil and food coloring and soap.    I lathered up and he started filming.  I was playing with my self and doing soft core porn things, like tugging on my dick and caressing my ass.  The color turned from a blue to a shit brown, and it started reminding me of shit and dookey.  He really loved it and thought it was hot!!!!!!!  The thing that is really embarrassing about this is I was only paid $50 and the color stained my dick, ass and body for two weeks so I had to go for two week without sex which is like 10 years in the gay world.

What is one thing you miss about San Francisco and what is one thing you love about New York?
I fucking miss my city of San Francisco, I used to rule and own that city, I LOVE all my friends there, helium heels, auntie juanita, tammers, pippi, hekles, raven, danny, secret baby, I had the same hot sexy fuck buddies for 10 years!  and I miss them too:) ……. and the list goes on and on and on… I miss the magic and freakiness of SF there in NO other place like it.  What I love about NYC is all the visual stimulation, there is always something to see and do ANYTIME 24/7.  SF closes down early, unless you are tweaking on glass.  I did tons of drugs in SF and it was starting to set me back as well as put me in the hospital.

With so many galleries and a more international market in New York, has your move there helped you grow more artistically?
OH HELL YEAH!  If one looks at the work I was doing in SF and the work I am doing here in NYC,  one would see a huge difference, I found out more about myself here in NYC, and do hundreds of hours of painting, I am so glad I am here now it changed my life.

After we are all dead and gone, how would you like future generations to remember you and your work?
I would like future generations to think this grown man was a freak and never forgot his inner child.  His shit was erotic with a playful twist, and he like to dress up like a monster and have dirty sex.

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