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Lee Ryder Career:1982-1986

Lee Ryder starred in just thirteen gay films from 1982 to 1986, but photographs of his image appeared in dozens of gay porn magazines. His text book 10 inch cock, piercing eyes, bad-boy good looks and lean frame made him an overnight sensation. He was one of the first porn stars whos career transitioned from 8mm film to VHS in the early 80’s. Ryder’s first performance as a gay porn actor was in the film All American Boys, but it was not released until after his first film for Falcon Studios, Huge, which  released in 1982. Huge was just the beginning for Ryder and his place as one of the most recognizable gay film superstars was inevitable.

Biker’s Liberty (Falcon, 1982)
Huge (Falcon, 1982)
Huge 2 (Falcon, 1983)
All American Boys (MT Productions, 1983)
Spokes (Falcon, 1983)
Winner Takes All – High Voltage, scene one (Falcon, 1983)
Screenplay (Trophy, 1984)
The Biggest One I Ever Saw (Giant Films, 1984)

A Few Good Men (Surge Studios/Bijou Video, 1984)
Giants I (Le Salon, 1984)
Two by Ten (Marksman, 1985)
Hard (HIS Video, 1986)
Sticky Business (Catalina, 1986)

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