Pogonology – Facial hair anyone?

The Chin Curtain: This is a style of facial hair more associated with the Amish community and yes, very sexy. The style is marked by facial hair grown only along the lower portion of the face at the chin and following the jaw line. While many Amish men still wear traditional chin curtains, some variations of today are seen trimmed into ultra thin lines and even patterns along the jaw.
The Goatee with Moustache (Van Dyck): By adding the moustache to the goatee, you end up with a different look that has as much variety as seen in the regular goatee style. This too has been seen inlong and close-trimmed variants, and shaped to be more square or rounder, depending on the shape of the wearer’s face. And like the goatee-only version, is modernized by close-trimmed and thin variants.
The Handlebar Moustache: The handlebar moustache is characterized by the fact that it must be worn long enough to curl the ends of the moustache upward. This is usually achieved and maintained throug the use of specialized styling pomade or wax.
The Fu Manchu: The name comes from a popular film from the late 60’s called “The Many Lives of Dr. Fu Manchu”. No joke. The Fu Manchu is characterized by its position over the lip and extension down each side of the mouth to the jaw.
Mutton Chops: In the 70’s, the Mutton Chop style of sideburns was popularized by Elvis Presley, although it has been seen throughout history. Mutton chop sideburns are characterized by being grown in wide swaths down the sides of the face and ending usually at the curve of the jaw, although they can be worn as far down as to almost touch the corners of the mouth.
Friendly Mutton Chops: This style takes mutton chops and combines them with the moustache to create one continuous line of facial hair. Traditionally, the style was worn in a wide, full swath of facial hair, but can also be more closely-trimmed and thin, although the line can often follow varied patterns as it makes its way across the face.
and lastly, but certainly not least…
The Full Beard: The Full Beard facial hair style is characterized by its coverage of all three basic areas of the face – upper lip, chin and sides. The full beard typically is only minimally groomed at   the neck area, at the lip-line and along the cheeks. Fully-bearded men sometimes prefer to grow the beard hair long, and style it into any number of shapes, from tapered points to rounded and bushy swells of hair.
Final note: If you decide to toss the straight razor reviews out, grow a style that fits your face and personality. Facial hair is fuckin’ sexy, so go ahead and let it
do it’s thing. An unshaven man is a hot man.

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