Plush This Adventures in “Yiffing”

1) A type of doll made from fabric and filled with any kind of soft stuffing. (i.e. cotton, feathers, nylon, etc.)
2) A person who has a strong – usually erotic – attachment to stuffed animals

My first encounter with anything resembling plushie sex—or plushophilia—came, perhaps unsurprisingly, a few years ago at Burning Man. I’d wandered into Jiffy Lube, a theme camp catering primarily to randy gay Burners where sexual activity is explicitly encouraged (their motto being, “Get in. Get off. Get out.”) I was no stranger to anonymous sex venues, and, for the most part, this one felt just like most others—a darkened space where men spoke in hushed tones, if at all, and approached each other with sideward glances. “Same old, same old,” I thought to myself. That was until I peered around a corner and came upon a man dressed head-to-toe in a yellow bunny suit vigorously fucking another man—his bunny tail bopping back and forth in rhythm with his thrusting, his tall bunny ears flopping up and down. Now this wasn’t something you saw every day. I was mesmerized. Later that same week, I ended up spending the better part of an evening dancing with a man who called himself Decible. He wore a heavy, scraggly wool body suit that made him look like a yeti who had made a wrong turn in the snowy Himalayas and ended up in the in the northern Nevada desert. My senses heightened as they were, I nestled a cheek against his furry chest and felt comforted, and yeah, excited. A year or so later, a good friend of mine showed up at Folsom Street Fair wearing nothing but a pair of stuffed unicorns he’d fashioned into a sort of fantastical jock strap. “Meet Razzle and Dazzle!” he said, by way of introduction. Among a sea of chaps and nipple clamps, Razzle and Dazzle stood out. A flier for a recent party at a San Francisco bar featured a beefy, hirsute man dancing in a pair of briefs and sporting a grinning, oversized bunny head. As I type this, the daily challenge on the Facebook Group, “Gay Boys with Beards,” has members posting pictures of themselves with stuffed animals. And, as it turns out, the poster for this year’s Folsom Street Fair prominently includes—among the other fetishists—someone wearing a pink, furry pig suit. Plushie sex, it seems, while certainly not mainstream, is making strides in taking its place among long-established kinks like leather and bondage. You know those teddy bears in little leather harness you sometimes see in sex shops and novelty stores? To some they’re anything but novel. Take FoxWolfie Galen, for example. Spend any amount of time Googling about plushophiles, and you’ll undoubtedly run across FoxWolfie’s site. For better or worse, he’s become one of the more visible members of the plushie community by virtue of his candidness. This “King of the Plushies,” as he’s sometimes known, has even been the subject of articles in both Vanity Fair and Salon. FoxWolfie’s site is a veritable treasure trove of information about plushies and plushie sex. There you’ll find surveys and links, artwork and a glossary, as well as an FAQ where he declares, “giving my gift of love to my plushies is a sacramental act.” A point of clarification… There’s a larger community of people, sometimes referred to as the “furry fandom,” “furrydom,” “fur fandom,” or “furdom,” with an affinity for fictional animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Members of the furry fandom, known as “furries,” may or may not be plushophiles. As you might imagine, animated Disney movies are the stuff that furrydom fantasies are made of. And, in fact, a plushie of Meeko, the raccoon from Pocahontas is generally recognized as one of the most popular stuffed animals among plushophiles. As with any group, furrydom has a language of it’s own. For example, a “fursuit” refers to the type of full-body costume worn by the type of mascots you might see at sporting events. A “fursuiter” is someone who wears a fursuit, and a “furvert” is someone attracted to them. Furries display affection by “skritching” or scratching each other’s backs as if grooming one another. A ”fur pile” is when a group of furries lay on top of one another. “Yiff” is the furry word for sex, “yiffy” means sexy or horny and “yiffing” is full on mating (either with a stuffed animal or a person in plushie garb.) ”Spooge” is, well… spooge probably doesn’t need defining. And then there’s “SPA” (or, strategically placed appendage) and “SPH” (or, strategically placed hole.) These being modifications—sometimes crude, sometimes elaborate—that allow for yiffing as either a top or bottom, depending on your mood or preference. Furries and plushies also have their own literature, including the sexy comic-book series, Genus, as well as Softpaw Magazine. And they gather at conventions like Midwest FurFest, Anthrocon, Further Confusion, Erofurence and Califur, among others. Up to this point, my personal experience with plushie sex had been limited. Aside from observing the aforementioned fucking bunny at Burning Man, they consisted of jerking off in my bed as a teenager with the stuffed animals from my childhood looking on. And while theory is all well and good, online research into online plushiedom left me feeling unfulfilled. The time had come to experiment with an SPH of my own. So, I went in search of my first honest-to-goodness plushie partner. Out of sheer convenience, I first set my sights on an old friend—a stuffed monkey named Virgil my parents had brought home from a vacation. He’d spent his early years in my crib, then my bed and now sits on a shelf in my apartment. But I had a hard time picturing Virgil that way. Just like with flesh and blood sex partners, it seems that I prefer to work out my kinks with strangers, at least initially. After a quick trip to a toy store, I settled on two-foot tall panda bear. I figured its center seam would make for a convenient SPH. So I carefully cut the little guy open, got myself hard (thinking about everything except what I was about to do) and… OUCH! One bit of advice I must have missed on the plushie sex message boards was that synthetic fiberfill can be… irritating. Undeterred, I went searching around the house for a solution. Let’s see… Condom? Too clinical. Cellophane wrap? Too homemade. And then a moment of inspiration. With more excitement than I’d like to admit, I grabbed a Fleshlight from the toy chest, removed the soft inner core and placed it inside the furry little guy’s crotch. And suddenly there was a fleshy little opening right where a fleshy little opening should be. I lubed it up and, holding panda by both hands, lowered him down onto my hard-again dick. Not bad. Not bad at all, to tell the truth. I grinned and he seemed to grin back. I slid him up and down and spun him around a few times until I finished. Yes. I fucked a stuffed panda. And I liked it.

by Matt James

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