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Handbook Magazine - Part 3

Nude Guy #2


Nude guy #3…


It’s here!!! Issue 03 / Volume 08, 2014

JULY2014cvrWe are happy to present to you the latest issue of Handbook. With our three Nude Guys, Natan, Dylan and cover guy Cam this is a sure to be crowd pleaser!  We’ve gathered such a nice variety for you in this issue so we think all of you Handbookmen out there will be very pleased with this one.  Get your copy today, and remember Handbook is now only available as a PDF file so you can take it anywhere. There are past printed copies available , so go ahead a pick up a few of those as well.  As usual, spread the handbook word!!!  thanks!

It’s time for the introductions….

The three following Nude Guys will be featured in the very soon to be released Volume 03 / issue 08. The issue is going to be available here July 29th so get your butt back here and place that order. Just a reminder guys that Handbook is only available as a pdf file so you can take it with you anywhere. handy huh?  no pun intended…as always enjoy!





Cover Guy Cam….


Just a few of our past Nude Guys. Enjoy!


Issue 02 / volume 08 2014 is here!

We are so proud to announce our latest issue available now! Cover Nude Guy Drew B. has got all the right stuff to make this issue one of our best. Along with Thomas and Klaus, how could you not want this one! Order yours today and thanks for being a Handbook Man! Enjoy!

Issue 02 / volume 08 2014 issue…

The new issue of Handbook is finally ready! It took a bit work to get this issue to gather and boy was it worth it! This issue is all about a man for all reasons. The following three Nude Guys are the featured attraction. This issue will be available here May 8th. Hope you all enjoy this one!

thomas 2