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Old Reliable
The work of David Hurles
1968 – 1980 (estimated body of work)

David Hurles was a true pioneer of male erotica and turned blue collar, hard working real men into visions of masturbatory delight. He brought to our attention a subject matter that was truly masculine and raw, trashy and sexy and unlike anything at that time. Old Reliables images and videos were the real deal and far from the tanned and posed muscle gods of studios such as AMG, Falcon or Colt. There is a man here for every taste and fantasy. Hairy or smooth, tattooed, long hair, short hair or bald. He captured images of porn stars on the fringe  and sometimes your boy next door. Thugs, ex-cons and street trash, hung guys to average guys. And with  such a variety of subjects the one thing that remained the common denominator was always raw masculine sexuality. These guys would oil wrestle with each other, work on cars wearing only a tool belt then jack off using engine oil. Some of them would strip naked, preform jumping jacks and push-ups then pump out a load. Cigars and cigarettes were sexual accessories as well was the middle finger flipping off Hurles camera. Old Reliable has fantastic videos of each guy, with live sound, as they discuss their lives, strip, oil up, get it up, pose, show off and shoot a load. There are tapes devoted to just one model captured over a number of days or weeks. Some, like Kermit or Mike “The Spike”, have worked with Old Reliable over a number of years and get hotter and hotter with each new tape. Some models have in addition done audio tapes as they get into some very intense dirty talking and discussion of sex scenes they’ve experienced. The most amazing thing about Old Reliable and David Hurles work is how powerful these seemingly amateur snapshots are and how the true word “macho” translated perfectly through his lens. A boner for sure!

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