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Jon King Career: 1981 – 1989

If you are a fan of a man who can power bottom with the best and biggest, Jon King is the guy for you. His tight, athletic, boyishly muscular body, combined with dark eyes, and vulnerability made him a star . Jon King’s start in adult films came with the 1981 film Brothers Should Do It, where he was billed as Jon King, the younger brother of J. W. King (another sexy dark haired porn icon.) As it seemed to be with most young pron actors, he had a few run ins with the law. In 1982 he stole a car on a test drive, robbed a Burger King in Gainesville FL then wrecked the car which led to eleven months in prison. After his release he was back to what he, at the time, he loved the most, being in front of the camera. One of his most memorable scenes was in a hot tub with veteran adult star Kip Noll in 1984’s Kip Noll – Superstar. The chemistry and intense sexuality between these two men was a directors dream come true and was the highlight of this title. Before retiring in 1989, he performed with most of the hottest male stars of the 80’s and 90’s, making him one of busiest men in the business.

Fimography: (some of his best work)

The Best Of Jon King (Catalina Video)
Below the Belt (Bijou Video)
The Biggest One I Ever Saw (Sierra Pacific)
Biker’s Liberty: Big Summer Surprise (Falcon Studios)
Brothers Should Do It (Cat
alina Video)
Fade In (HIS Video)
Fade Out (HIS Video)
Giants 2 (LeSalon)

Kip Noll Superstar 1 (Catalina Video)
Members Only (Laguna Pacific)
Printer’s Devils (Laguna Pacific)
Screenplay (Bijou Video)
These Bases are Loaded (Catalina Video)
These Bases are Loaded 2 (Catalina Video)
William Higgins Preview Tape #1

Handbooks pick: Kip Noll – Superstar

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