Issue 04 / Volume 07 the Masked issue #6 now available!

Okay all you sexy clowns…it’s ready for order! This issue is the final printed issue and after seven years it’s time for a change. Digitally that is. As of 2014, Handbook will only be available as an eBook/PDF form. There are still back issues available here so make sure you add those to your collections. There are also a few other surprises coming ¬†down the road in 2014. Photo-sets of of our nude guys will be available.

Here’s what your find in this issue…

Cover guy Blake, a fit and muscular clown. Centerfold Element, mysterious and spooky with a” knock you out tool”, and our third Nude Guy Reel is lean, hung and ready to scare ya sexy! BOO! Andy Cross, Mr. International Leather 2013 is our interview subject, stories include “Three Cheers for Nelly Queers”, “What the Hell Are Our Anti Gay Christina Brothers and Sisters up to now?” And bringing up the rear the handbook Dick section. ¬†Order yours today and thanks to all of you who have been dedicated fans for all these years. We really appreciate all the support. Let’s make Handbook 2014 a great one!

Topic: Random

Nude Guy:

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