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It’s here! Our “second time around” issue, featuring three previously featured nude guys from past issues. All three of these guys were reader favorites so how could we say no. You will also find editorial delights such as the Aaron Smith interview, a sexy talented painter with an old timey style who creates beautiful old world portraits. Also, the STUD BAR, from a personal point of view…San Francisco’s original down and dirty dance bar where the freaks and leather boys mixed, mingled and danced the night away. Also, Bridezillas, how these groups of ladies are bringing their pre – matrimonial celebratory drunkenness to our nightly gathering places and annoying the hell out of us. Of course, dirty friction Morning Buns by Gilberton and the Handbook Dick section. Attention all of you subscribers – your order is on the way, but please allow 7 – 10 days for delivery. As always enjoy!

Topic: Handbook

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