Cut or Uncut. The Preference Debate.

I didn’t see an uncut cock until I was in my early thirties. Growing up in a very white, central Canada area, I had only seen uncircumcised dicks in European porn and maybe the odd foreign film. My friends, guys in college I fooled around with, and guys I fucked in my twenties—-all cut. That all changed shortly after moving to Los Angeles. In a city where a large portionof the population is Latino, many of them uncircumcised, it was only a matter of time before I got my first taste of cock from the other side of the tracks. I remember being in the showers at the gym 10 years ago. Across from me was the most beautiful Cuban man I ever saw, shower curtain askew, stroking his enormous uncut cock. He continued to show off for me until we both shot our loads. All I remember is how enormous and erotic his cock was, and how the foreskin slid up and down his shaft as he jacked off. It was such a turn on. But not everybody would have thought so. Like Coke vs Pepsi or Mac vs PC, we all have our preferences… and cock is no different. In the cut vs uncut debate there are no shortage of opinions on what kind of dick we like to suck on , fuck with, or even just look at. For many men, like my friend David, any cock will do. As long as he has a hot face and decent bod… a dick is a dick… I’m an equal-opportunity cocksucker,” he tells me. “Once his cock gets hard it’s all the same to me. Plus when the guy’s legs are behind his head and I’m pounding his ass I really don’t care about his dick. My friend David is a top, so maybe the look and feel of a guy’s dick is not his first priority. But most men are actually pretty picky about their penis proclivities. And when it comes to what kind of dick is on the menu, most gay guys I talked to don’t mince words when it comes to what they like to put in their mouth or up their butt. For those in the pro-cut camp it seems to be all about aesthetics. The head is exposed, it seems more erotic, as opposed to it being covered up. “It just looks hotter and more masculine,” says my friend Michael. “Uncut cocks don’t look sexual or arousing to me. I like to suck on the head like a lollipop and all that extra skin just gets in the way. And when I see a guy that is semi-hard and he is cut, it is such a major turn-on. All I can think about is getting fucked with nice smooth pole. I just find it way more provocative to see a hot naked guy with a big cut dick hanging between his legs.” Anthony, an uncut English boy I met in London, tells me cut dick is just the epitome of what he finds sexy and masculine. “I grew up around other uncut European boys and whenever I meet an American guy I can’t wait to get in his pants. There’s a real thrill in getting to experience sex with a hot American guy with a big cut cock. It’s like a conquest.” So maybe it’s just a matter of being attracted to what you don’t have yourself? Not for everyone. Some guys are as picky with their cock as they are with their shoes. “I personally find uncut cocks a huge turn-off—they always remind me of aardvarks…and personally, I find nothing sexy about aardvarks,” says my friend Don, who is cut. “I don’t mind how they look when they are hard, sure, but if I had to choose, then it’s cut all the way. Cut cock smells good and clean.” And Don is not alone. Several of the men I asked about uncut dick winced at first, and then proceeded to express colorful statements of disapproval. But for every Don there seems to be twice as many men who absolutely love uncircumcised guys. The unfair stereotype about uncut meat is that they are somehow dirty dicks is exactly what turns some men on. In fact, for guys who love uncut dick, it’s less about aesthetics and more about the experience. It seems that sucking a nice big uncut dick is the ultimate experience for many men. “I love the extra flesh and the extra sensitivity, and I crave the scent of the tastey thick juices oozing from the foreskin”, says Matt. “I also love sliding my tongue under the skin and pulling the guy’s foreskin over my dick while we jack off together. My ultimate fantasy is getting gang-banged by a dozen swarthy uncut men… their hot meat all over my body.” “I love that they seem meatier. I love how you can make the skin come over and below the head and that you can stretch the foreskin,” says Kirk. “I prefer uncut… the way it’s like unwrapping a present… although I wouldn’t turn down a cut cock at all. Uncut just seems so raw and natural to me, and that’s super hot. Nothing turns me off more than a hairless pretty white boy with a standard-issue cut dick and a prissy attitude.” And what about the proud owners of this much debated variety of cock? Do uncut guys really get more pleasure from jacking off, fucking, and getting sucked? According to research quoted in the LA Times the answer is no. But the answer seems to be a resounding “yes” for those on the receiving end. Says my friend Darren, “It feels so much better when I get fucked by an uncut cock. It just slides in better and the sensations in my ass are different. It’s hard to explain but it feels so fucking good and it just seems easier and more natural. And jacking off a dick that has foreskin is way more fun.” Some guys appreciate uncut dick so much they try to reverse their own circumcision. They eroticize the process with toys, weights, and other devices. Others go as far as having surgery. “I’m angry that my parents circumcised me without my permission,” says Brian. “I have been doing the stretching technique to get my foreskin back, and my boyfriend loves it. The whole reversal process is erotic as well, so it works out for both of us.” It is also undeniable that the thirst for uncut cock is a huge money-maker in the gay porn industry. Just browse some of the titles online and you’ll know what I mean. Uncut Cock Pool Party. Young and Uncut. Uncut Amateurs. Latin and Uncut. Uncut Bareback. Big Uncut Dicks. The list is endless. The sheer amount of porn with the word “uncut” in the title is testament to its popularity. There are even dildos on the market with realistic foreskin. And even though you can find plenty of gay porn with exclusively cut men, being cut just isn’t exotic, so it rarely gets played up. “I would love if someone did a series called Big Juicy Cut Cocks or something like that. I’d buy them all,” says Jared. The closest thing I could find to what Jared’s appetite was a title from Wurstfilm called, My Israeli Platoon. Judging from the many men I talked to there’s a huge market for guys who fetishize big cut cock. I imagine if a major porn studio released titles like Big Juicy Cut Cocksuckers and Bareback Cut Fuckers they would make a lot of money. In the USA about 80% of all males are circumcised as opposed to about 25% in the rest of the world. But statistics show that uncut is on the rise in North America. Increasingly more new mothers are choosing to leave their baby’s foreskin alone. A hipster trend? Maybe. But perhaps one day in the future the image of a hot stud proudly wielding his big uncut dick will look just as American as the next guy. Uncut meat has been getting lots of celebrity exposure on the internet lately too. David Beckham, Jude Law, Daniel Radcliffe we’ve all seen the pictures of these hot Brits naked. Either way, it’s good news for uncut cock aficionados, and for all of us really. Light, dark, cut, uncut? Variety is the spice of life, right? So the next time you go home with that hot guy at the bar that has an uncut surprise in his pants, consider yourself lucky. I found out by accident how hot an uncut dick can be. Go ahead and try em’ both becuase you might like them equally.

(by James Aucoin)

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