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Breakfast at the Waffle House | Handbook Magazine

Breakfast at the Waffle House

For a moment John had almost forgotten where he was. The grumble in his stomach and knowing Adam was probably already done with his food was enough for him to finish up. Both he and Adam had a full night out and John definitely had worked up quite an appetite. “Alright, we gotta finish this up. I’m pretty hungry.” John said looking at the boy at his knees. Just a glance at this kid’s creamy, young sweat englazed back partnered up nicely with a perky little boy butt pressed firmly against his groin was enough to make John cum. The kid didn’t give any inkling that John had even spoken to him so John just continued on, harder and faster. The seat crashed on the floor, which made for a fair amount of noise. The poor kid slipped knee first into the toilet. Holding onto the bowl with his sweaty palms wasn’t the easiest thing to do. He slipped even further to the ground causing an incessant flushing as he attempted to stay afloat. This, however, did not interrupt their session. With both hands on either side of the stall for leverage, John continued on. The boy panted like a dog on summertime pavement. John’s breaths got just as deep and fast as his cock in this kid’s ass. The stall shook so much by John’s weight the door flew wide open. Again, nothing could interrupt these two, especially at this point. John could hear his heart pounding like timpani in his ears. Exceedingly faster it raced on, John knew it was almost time. Without any hesitation or warning he let the kid have it. John relieved himself while grabbing hold of the boy’s shoulders, pulling him into to his climax. This was John and Adam’s favorite wafflehouse. By 4am it was always empty. Not the usual truckers and club kid lingerers. In fact, the only patron besides them tonight was a homeless lady at the far end of the bar. She was quietly sipping on coffee and rummaging through nearby ashtrays for the remnants of something substantial to suck on. Surrounding her were 5 plump trash bags. They somewhat resembled a fleet of obese children begging for just a little more. John and Adam took the booth at the other end of the restaurant. Both still reeking of the trough didn’t want to draw any attention, not that some bag lady could do them any harm. Sighing as they seated themselves John and Adam looked at each other and smiled. The sort of smile that reveals everything yet nothing at all. They both began laughing in perfect unison by the time the waiter arrived. “What can I do for you guys tonight?” The waiter asked with his eyes immediately fixed on Adam’s crotch. I forgot to mention that Adam was very keen on wearing jeans that were much to small for him. He also had the stature of a lumberjack so you can imagine how this skinny, still-in-the-closet, late night diner working to purchase his very first cell phone-adonis felt when he was faced with a bouquet like Adam’s wrapped up neat in a pair of 501s. “Well,” John said, fiddling with the waiter’s nametag, “Sam, I’m sure there’s plenty but let’s start out with some coffee first. I love your coffee.” John started. Adam chuckled, then continued with their usual order; 2 breakfast sandwich plates, one with a side of grits. “I’ll just have water, lots of it.” Adam finished. With an arched brow he gave John a nod of affirmation as the kid walked away. Sam returned to the table with their drinks. Removing them from the tray he awkwardly placed them on the table. Adam got up and gestured the kid to the restroom. “Is something wrong?” Sam asked timidly. “No. I just need help with something.” Adam responded. With one arm slung over the his shoulder like a mentoring figure, Adam led Sam to the men’s restroom. John sipped on his coffee patiently while Adam took care of business. it was pretty immediate. Little or no dialogue at all. Adam, with his bare ass on the decrepit hand sink and jeans around his ankles breathed heavily with a growl of primitive ambition. The kid’s mouth sloppily slurped up adam’s cock. Adam just sat on that sink like he was at home watching t.v.  only thing missing was a beer in hand. That beer was replaced by the back of this kid’s head. Sweat seeped from every pour but Adam managed to sit pretty still pressed up against the etched up mirror. As inept as this kid seemed he was certainly an expert cocksucker. Perhaps he’d done this before.  perhaps this was the real reason he was working at the wafflehouse around the corner from the trough. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if he made an obsessive habit out of this. It didn’t really matter because this kid knew exactly what he was doing and Adam was in pure bliss. Working Adam’s balls like a pair of chinese meditation orbs he had adam sighing like a schoolgirl. The kid used his other hand fisted up to pound against Adam’s rock hard, salt and pepper dusted stomach. Playing with the tip of Adam’s modest sized uncut cock, pulling the foreskin back with his talented tongue had Adam panting for more. Adam was close and the kid knew it, he looked up at Adam’s squinted eyes that said yes and smirked as much as he could with a mouth full of cock and took all of Adam causing him to rupture. The kid swallowed it all. Deep down, filling his gullet the kid didn’t even get a taste as it never even touched his tongue.  however, Adam’s drained cock slipped out giving the kid a little taste – salty, bitter. Adam, bending over to pull up his jeans rubbed the kid’s head like a daycare soccer coach to say good job kid. “thanks kid.” Adam said buttoning his fly and leaving the restroom. The etch marks from the mirror imprinted on Adam’s back were the last this kid would ever see of Adam.. perhaps. Like a tattered rag doll tossed on the restroom floor Sam sat eagerly awaiting what was next to come. Both his customers looked like they needed something more than just a breakfast sandwich and grits. Adam returned to the table. The food had just arrived, apparently brought out by the cook as the waiter was nowhere to be found. John just looked up at him and smiled. “Your turn, babe.” Adam said, rubbing John’s shoulders with tender peck on the head. He seated himself and started his meal while John headed to the restroom to start his.

(dirty f-R-iction by Gilberton)
Gilberton is a San Francisco native but now living in  Los Angeles, Ca.
Check out his blog online at  thegapinghole.com
for more of his dirty fiction.

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