BOO!!!! It’s arrived…the Masked issue #8, 2015

OctHBmask2015cvrIt brings me great pleasure to present to you the masked issue #8. As always, its as spooky as it is sexy. Our fan favorite is Guy and so of course we had to put him on the cover. Along with our happiness here at Handbook, it also brings us sadness that this will be the very last issue of Handbook. Its been a great 9 year ride and we appreciate all of the support and continued following but don’t be too upset as we do have a “BEST OF HANDBOOK” in the works so we will continue to make updates here and add new posts now and again so please check back. And of course last but never least, to all of you Handbook men everywhere…You guys are the best!!! oxoxo

Now get your new Masked issue today!!!!! bwah haha!!!!!!!!!!

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Nude Guy:

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