Blast from the past – Harvey

Harvey has the coveted title as the  very first Handbook Nude Guy. His pictorial was shot December 2006 and was featured in the very first issue of Handbook. He and I spoke on the phone after he had answered a posting titled, “Hung Nude Guys Needed.” At that point Handbook was simply an idea waiting to become a reality but Harvey was very excited to be a part of the process so we quickly set up a date and time for his pictorial. he is the kind of guy who really knows his body and needed no direction at all. He has become a hands down favorite and will go down in history as having a perfect text book cock. Amazing! Although he was completely uninhibited, he wanted to keep his shoot somewhat anonymous. So with a hat and the right angles it was a successful shoot. Check out his complete pictorial in the members area.

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Nude Guy:

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