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Jon Shield…playful pup “Midnight” and adult media star…

PJMidnightx2 2

Tell me about how you were introduced to the PUP community and was it something you sought out?

I was introduced via a few paths, the first was the purchase of a pup tail for me and my boy friend at the time “Chad.”  When his relationship grew with a daddy handler type in another city I started exploreing it via the  internet and friends online, then I made a trip to visit a friend in San  Francisco and while there I met the man who would become my first alpha “Saber”. From that meeting and mentorship grew the pup that is here now, still growing but also helping others learn.


How long have you been a pup?

2 years


What is your pup name?



PJShieldsPUP24 2Was the name Midnight bestowed upon you or did you name yourself?

The name was given to me by the before mentioned Alpha, Saber, after we had been together for a few months.


Do you have strong connection somehow with canines? 

I love bio pups .. I’m super playful with them, but very nervous around Dobermans since childhood.   


Explain to me what the pup lifestyle means to you and what satisfaction  you get from being a pup?

It’s a release for the playfulness that’s in me its a way for me to let go of all the outside world and just let people see the pure me without the boundaries that are placed on all of us .


Are you part of a pack and if so is there a certain hierarchy thats established within the group?

I am in a pack that is very new and is mainly a brotherhood that consitses of Pup Turbo and myself as the two Alphas and our pups and handlers. Its like two branches of a family tree that join and get stronger as the roots grow.  However, on top of that, I have a brother bond with several other pups in the community and we are constantly learning from each other and caring for each other. So a call out to my brother pups Champ, Wolf, Ruck, Amp, Brix and Atlas. Licks to all.


PJShieldsPUP14 2What is your role sexually as Midnight with a partner?

That totally depends on the person I am with. Midnight can be submissive for the right alpha but he also has a very strong alpha side himself. I’m a switch so it’s a lot about how the other approaches me and how my mood plays with that affection.


Have you ever been interested in Cosplay or being a plushie?

I am interested in furries but not really into cosplay, I just want a big furry wolf to play with.


Can you suggest any online groups or communities one could become involved with if they were looking to be a pup?

 I would say look on Facebook at the region your in, most of the major city have a pup group.


You’re also a well know adult film actor. Do you bring your pup persona to  that part of your life?

Midnight is always around, its the playful side of me, but its also the shy side. So on screen you really only see it come when I let out a bark or growl when I’m really enjoying what my scene partner is doing to me.


PJshieldsPUP72 2How many studios have you worked for and how long have you been involved with adult media?

I have worked in the industry for almost two years with quite a few studios from Treasure Island Media, Dick Wadd, Barebackthathole would be some of the larger ones. I’m also excited to be shooting with Butch Dixon again soon.


Lastly, if someone wanted to follow you or find out any other information  regarding your films where should they go? Twitter, Facebook, etc?

@jonshieldxxx on twitter,  jonshieldxxx on Tumblr and  woofwuf on instagram

It’s finally here everyone…

The new issue of Handbook. We are now on a more relaxed schedule with our issues and we are happy to have this first one ready for action! If you’re a fan of hot “PUPS” this ones for you! And, hey, even if you’re not a “pup” fan just look at how sexy these three guys are. As always,,,ENJOY!Issue01Vol5cvr

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OCT2014cvrFor all of you sexy and spooky ghouls, the Masked issue is available. This issue  is packed full of fur and muscle. You can smell the testosterone on each page…well sort of. This October issue is always such a fan favorite and it gives our Nude Guys the opportunity to have some real fun. So do yourself a favor and order this one today!  BWAH HA HA!

and finally, Masked Nude Guy #1


Here’s an update regarding the infamous Masked issue…

Were closing in on the next Masked issue to be released Halloween eve! Sexy spooky is the usual formula for this favorite. Here are just two of the three Masked Nude Guys in this issue. Theres lots of scruff in this one. Shooting third Nude Guy this weekend. Update soon…